[EXPLAINED] How to find side missions in the world

Platform: PS4 & PS4 PRO

Description: My friend and I “completed” the game, as in there are no more missions, but that cant be right. I checked to see how many missions are in the main game (not including DLC) and it shows i am missing 15 missions?

Steps To Reproduce: I exited the game. closed out the application. restarted the application and loaded my save. still the missions do not appear.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: I was hosting a co-op game with a friend.

Players in your game: 2 (myself & a friend)

Specifications: ps4 & ps4 pro

Hey @shesliln00bet :wave:

A lot of the side missions in the game need to be located in the world and started via a “mission starter” interaction, often in the shape of a note, a radio or some other object you need to interact with. After doing that the mission will appear in your side mission tab.

When you are near a side mission starter there should appear a blue side mission icon on your compass. Move in the direction of that and you should be able to find a side mission starter.

E.g. the side mission on your image, “Hogging Supplies” is found and started by interacting with an object in a house in the Farmlands region (See images below for reference).

Hope that helps! IF not let me know!


@shesliln00bet IF you don’t feel like searching for the mission starters and would be interested in finding information on where to find them you can check out the wiki page linked below!


Thank you, I will try that out and let you know how it goes.

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I appreciate the info but my friend and I like having the adventure of running across them by accident. I will try that location you suggested first and see how that goes. cross fingers it works and we can continue enjoying the game still.

+1 on @SR_knivspark for the Wiki.

There is a very well detailed guide to all current main, and side quest missions.

If you only like to stumble across them by chance, I would suggest exploring more. :upside_down_face:

To help out in finding them, visit POIs since none of the side mission starting items are located in the middle of nowhere (e.g random spot in the woods). They all are located in or near buildings/structures.

Also, the side mission icon on compass has 250m range. Meaning that if you’re within 250m from the side mission starting item, that icon appears on your compass.


thanks, that’s good to know:+1:

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