Exploit on Harvester call-in and hunters

Platform: PC

Hunters dropped with Harvester’s “call-in” can be damaged between call and “unpacking” from pod, if you know where to shoot. It looks same as was hunters are insta-teleported in the field, but with added animation. On lower difficulties and/or machine tiers premature damage on reinforcements tilts balance in player’s favor.

Steps To Reproduce:
Make any harvester do a “call-in” move, look for faint “searchlight” lightsource - shoot there or look for collision box.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: irrelevant - can be reproduced either as host and as guests

Players in your game: irrelevant - can be reproduced either as host and as guests

Specifications: irrelevant - bug observed by muliplayer PC party.

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I’d call it tactics personally. You’d exploit the machines if this was real :sweat_smile:

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I’ll shamelessly admit that, since it caught on video. But bug’s still a bug.


I recognized the lights before the hunter boxes appear also but didn’t think, that the hunters are already positioned there :joy:

You can do this same thing when a reaper calls in runners. I have not noticed the light where they will land but once the “crate” lands, just shooting it causes the runner to be destroyed where the box may just disappear with no runner.

'tis means feed 'em HEDP right after thermo-fart.

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