Explosion from fires

Hi just wondering how come explosions don’t happen when u do this
thanks hell

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It is an oddity. Also ( from the last time I tried it) they don’t bow up if they have fallen over. Even if you shoot it with a .270.

The people engineering the runners should have used that kind of fuel tanks instead! :slightly_smiling_face:

HAHAHAHA thats somthing ive never seen, its just strange that when a machine goes over a fire pit they blow up but if u stick a gas can on it directly nothing, just a little backwards thinking or somthing, i think should work the same way they heat up and then make sure ur out of the way, specially if a machine is behind u good way to make a bomb

Its quite logical when you think about it.

The fire causes enviromental damage, that damages players and bots.
But the gas tank doesnt have a health bar, it simply doesnt take damage.

Ive dropped gas tanks down some pretty high cliffs, they dont take fall damage ether.
Im merely guessing here, but i doubt gas tanks take any damage from barbed wire ether, even tho it damages robots.

Sure, one could argue that a gunshot that triggers the explosion could deliver damage to the tank, but i doubt any developer would go that route, a gunshot hit = tank explosion is sufficient.

To add to the @liggisten’s explanation:

Explosive gas/ compressed air/ poison gas tanks all use the same container, but in different colors. They all have pressure relief valves (either separate one or built-in to the main release valve). ← That’s the reason why they don’t explode in the fire.

In real life, pressure relief valve is to keep a propane tank from rupturing, in the unlikely event of excessive pressure buildup. E.g when placed inside the fire.

Short video explaining the operation of pressure relief valve:

If you put it upside down in a fire the valve can get clogged and malfunction. And the canister explode. That’s why they are to be stored standing