Explosives Expert - on what it affect?

Others answer are too old. So on what it affect Explosives Expert? Does this skill affect on Fuel cells and ballons or only on grenades, mines and rounds?

Since it specifically mentions explosive weaponry, I think it just affects grenades, the GRG, the RPG and the M79. Don’t take my word for it though.

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Another reason to add respec, much easier to check what it affects this way, I’m pretty positive it affects hand grenades and land mines too. For other player created explosions such as deployed gas tanks or cells I’m not sure. Best is to take a gas tank and blow it up in front of yourself before/after choosing perk level 2.

Respec is already confirmed coming anyways.


So i tested this with a char that had level 1 and i moved it to level 2, and how I did it was placing an explosive gas tank on a base spot, and determining when another explosive gas tank I placed at a distance would not explode anymore. After selecting explosives expert 2, it would explode from the extra range that I gained through the skill. This means it affects the explosive range of all player placed objects probably, and maybe all player-caused explosions. Screenshot 1 shows the explosive gas tank does not blow up when shooting the base tank, while screenshot two shows how it explodes with the perk. (and me taking damage, lol)


Very nice test. Thx for it. I hope in may we can respec skills so we can easy test them and how they work :slight_smile:

Hi I know this is an old post but does anyone know if this works for the Bow’s explosive arrows too?

It should work, indeed. If you notice a difference, that could be a bug. If so, feel free to report it.