Extended Magazine Mod not working (PS4)

I found a couple of Extended Assault Rifle Magazine Mods in the game alreaddy.
However, I never seem to be able to attache these to my assault rifles.
When clicking on such an Extended Magazine Mod, the only options the system
gives me are: Drop Item & Cancel.
There is no: Attache to weapon option.

This is quite sad since the mod says it extends you assault rifle clip capacity with 13 extra rounds.

Has anyone on PS4 (or no matter what platform actually) encounterd the same problem?

PS: I have picked up about 10 such mods now (all for Assault rifles) in the last 5 days.
None of them work in my game so I simply drop them out of my inventory each time
after a couple of tries.

I have attached a picture to show that there is no “attache to weapon” option.

Yes this happens to me ps4 , there are some named assult rifles with same named mag works fine cant remember exact name , automagever , or something like that ,. Any one out there might have a more helpfull answer will see this and correct me. Thanks

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Thank you for reporting.

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