Extended mags for shotguns

Was thinking extended mags for shotguns as they run outta bullets quick and maybe a newer shotgun from Russia or Europe a drum or double barrel and maybe option to fire shock and fire bullets from them what do you all think ? Please consider this all you hard working devs :slight_smile:
Thank You

I don’t think they will ever change the experimental ammo.

The shotguns that are available in the game don’t have magazines, therefore extended magazines for them don’t make sense.

But I would also love to see a full auto shotgun with a magazine in the game.

Shotguns can have extended tubes. So I don’t think it’s such a bad idea :slight_smile:

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it might not hurt robots :hatched_chick: but will get there attention

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Love it seeeee theres hope …lol send a nerf projectile across the robots noses itll get there attention def. :joy:

The AA-12 is from 1972,
a lever action repeating shotgun could be cool,
the russian KS-23 packs a whollop,
The SPAS-12 is also a late 70s gun,
USAS-12 and Street Sweeper are also time appropriate,
Would love to see any of these make an appearance.

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Any repeating firearm utilize some sort of magazine, though not all detachable box types. For lever-action rifles and shotguns, pump-action rifles and shotguns, and some semi-automatic and automatic rifles and shotguns, the magazine is often a tube beneath the barrel. That is the case with both the shotguns currently in the game. “Tube magazine fed…”

The pump-action shotgun looks to me a lot like a Remington 870, which in reality is very easy to fit an extended magazine tube to. Base capacity is usually five rounds—four in the tube, one in the chamber—with common magazine tube extensions being “plus one” or “plus two” but there are larger ones available. It’s just a new length of tube which replaces the old end cap, and a new—longer—spring. Other shotguns like the Mossberg M500 series are just a bit more difficult to deal with, but still possible.

The Sjoqvist/Sjogren could probably be modified similarly. Heck, if one looks at the shotgun the Runners get, one might realize that it appears to be a very heavily modified Sjoqvist, with a very futuristic take on a detachable magazine…a bit like the real life SRM Arms 1216, a shotgun that features a magazine with four separate tubes joined together as a single detachable unit, which are rotated to align the next tube when the previous one is emptied, to allow the 1216 to boast a magazine capacity of 16 rounds, while still being a manageable size. The Runner’s shotgun magazine looks a little more like the helical drum from a Bizon or a Calico, rather than the 1216’s four tube rig, but it is basically the same idea anyway. Rather than using that idea as an upgrade for the Sjoqvist, though, maybe the devs could break the shotgun off the Runner and give us an infantryman’s variant, to keep that Swedish love going on…an experimental Sjoqvist?

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