Extensive amount of shotgun chokes in loot?

Anyone else finding lots of shotgun chokes? Ill find 2-3 easily every play time, and almost every time one of them is 5* one. This item is clearly my top 1 in attachments i keep finding. 2nd thing i keep finding is 5* PVG extended magazine.

Is this bug in loot tables, or just really lucky RNG?

Now you mentioned it I found a lot of them too. In 2* variety but I’m only at lvl 12.
That and a lot of field radios, I gathered almost 10 field radios in about 3 hours of gameplay. (This I appreciate actually since old bugs got reintroduced with the last update, like being stuck in tents and other odd places)

This too, i have noticed the increased amount of field radios found in loot boxes. One time your only sure chance to find them was destroying beacons.

My impression is that shotgun chokes has been a constant top-performer since the game launched, not sure if I see more of them now - I always saw many of them…