Extremely foggy weather on Himfjäll

Not sure how often this happens, but I had massive amounts of fog for the first time on Himfjäll, and it took a ‘day’ to clear up…

Even got one in Photo Mode:


This is probably a snowstorm, there’s a setting that controls fog in the graphics setting, called volumetric fog control, turning this lower may help with the fog. Also if you have a gas mask on that could defiantly make things foggier.

Nah, it’s not a problem report. The weather’s fine, it’s just unusual for me to have fog like this on Himfjäll. The ‘south coast fog’ I’m used to, that’s a bug (still on April 2020 version, mind). I had some fog in every region, but usually it clears up after a while. It lasting a day was a strange experience and made the atmosphere very mysterious and foreboding.

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oh lol, I enjoy the extreme fog sometimes, but I prefer to see everything personally. The night sky in gen z is so beautiful ^.^

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That’s the April 2020 South Coast fog btw (if you missed it back then) - decided to revisit the area, it’s like your eyes are dying :cold_face: