Eye patch location

Im have this game since launch and have still no eye patch ,could you guys maybe make fixed spawns or that you can find the schemetic?
Thank you for a great game ,i hope you fix it so it can be in my platinum collection.

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Klinte or Fiskebeck Harbour - search near water

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Just confirming that Eye Patch (pirate version) is still in the game. Picked one up last week in Farmlands:

You not upgraded to the AG5 yet?

Is that question meant to me? If so, then AG5 has poor performance, compared to AG4.

then lucky me, that was the third exp weapon I got this week.

I have both eye-patches, pirate and normal. I found normal in the resistance tunnels at the ringfort, in a backpack. the other: I don’t know, I press the take all button really quickly.(I’m on the ps4 version)

Again found near water

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To add to my previous reply, i found that eye patch from one of the loot crates in this new POI, within the Farmlands region:

So, it is still there, it just is a rare find.

Wow, i have searched millions of bags , containers… and nothing

Always the sunglasses

Not having fun with the game because i am always looking for that ( trophy )
I Want To Be A Mighty Pirate!
Loot something while wearing an eyepatch.

WHYYYY such a rare rare rare item? i dont mind a bit of grind or something but that is turture!!! who ever created that trophy and hiding that eyepatch i swear to god he she does NOT love videogames

by the way i am playing with a woman i hope it does not matter if you play male or female or punk or …

You need to patch the game for the eyepatch drop increase or something

i am on PS4

I’m looking for a 5 stars SVD and many other guns and even if that frustrate me sometime i don’t see the need to get angry or piss about it,

My point is you want a eyepatch and don’t get one yet ? I don’t know about drops of vanity items but i’m sure it’s part of any grinding in game :slight_smile: maybe try with a new character i’m not sure that a bug just bad rng or else.

This is not a bug, so I’ve moved the topic to the collection thread.


In my 315’ish hours I have probably found 4 or 5 eye patches. It’s out there… :+1:

Oddly enough I’ve found them the most often near coastal areas, like the South Coast Region and so forth. Maybe it’s nothing, but… :man_shrugging:

The last one I specifically remember was in a car trunk in the big military facility east of Klinte. But the car was standing right by the water, the little lake inside the complex. So water proximity could be a thing for all I know. :thinking:

Search Fiskeback near the water, likewise Klite on the coast. Also had a few drop at Tarnboda Skans and Osterhallen Marina if you have Alpine Unrest

After a week and completing all the game no eyepatch
This is insaneeeeee
Give us a location with the next update because this trophy is really a waste of time and 0 fun

It’s random, but I’m firm that searching in bags and containers by dock areas you will find one.

Ironically found one at spooky tree last night.

Life is so much easier when you don’t give a damn about trophies and collectables… :sunglasses::coffee: