Eye patch location


Where is the location of the eye patch as I have gone everywhere on the map and had no joy of finding it. I have been up the north part of the map and its not there, if there any help would be appreciated please.


There is no specific location. It’s random, like all other apparel loot.


@Dalipz37 like what @0L0 said. I got my randomly just before I ran to the big airfield base. I was prob 150-200 items in before I got mine. Still getting items slowly here and there mainly hair and female stuff.

I hope you find it sooner than I did.


Haven’t found it and I’m lvl 26 and 3.


Thank you everybody for clearing up my issue, most appreciated


I have! Yesterday? Day before - where did I get it? I think it was in a Bunker south of Klinte - not marked the bunker, but i’s at the end of a road that goes nowhere, just tails off at the top of a mountain. The bunker is full of Red Containers, and those all full of machines, the creatures! But I found an Exceptional Auto4 and the eye patch. Haven’t tried it on - why was it so important? I remember discussions from before, but can’t remember the details…


There’s an achievement tied to it, you have to loot a container while wearing a Pirate’s Eyepatch (which is a specific version with a jolly roger on the front of the patch, normal eyepatch won’t work).


Oh, I haven’t looked at it - I’m too cool with my pilot’s shades. I’ll have to now…


Thank you bootie I will try there next time I’m on, thx again


I can’t remember the name, but it’s not marked. Begins with an S I think. It’s on the top of a hill at the end of a track which curls round in a circle at the top of the hill, with one entrance, a hangar with three lorries and twelve containers full of Dogs, then it has a shower room and an office and that’s it. There is a box in the office in which I found a four-star Ai-76, a four-star Auto4 and the patch…


I got the achievement with a normal eyepatch, i have never seen the pirate patch you described.


got the achievement with a normal eye patch.

I can only remember that I got the eye patch fairly early in the game


I have the pirate Eye patch yipppppeeee 1 of the house in klinte bottom floor, the building which looks like flats


I’ve invested almost 450 hours into this game with a restart for about every major patch and I don’t think I’ve ever seen these mysterious eyepatches people are talking about… :thinking:


Huh, maybe it’s yet another one that’s just randomly different on different platforms? I’m playing on PC via Steam, and it only popped for me when I did it with a Pirate’s Eyepatch (which took me far longer to find than the regular eyepatch)