Eye Patch Not Populating

Can you please fix the RNG or place an Eye Patch in a specific place? This is the last trophy I need and is will not pop. I have been looking for hours.

Don’t look for one.
Just play the game and sooner or later you will find one.

I found one (pirate) just yesterday when making some base assaults against max level fnix bases. After that there are so many machines to loot… Well, the more to loot, the higher the chance.

I do not think clothing can be looted on machines. You have to look in backpacks/toolboxes. I beat the game and got all trophies except this one and I searched for hours after all of that. I played with a few friends who found them sparingly. Believe the RNG is screwed up b/c if it was truly random, I would have found at least one instead of tens of duplicates of other clothing items.

Platform: PS5

Description: Eye patch not producing

Steps To Reproduce: Searched all areas in backpacks/toolboxes where clothing items spawn. Focused heavily on areas near water as the speculation is that is where they populate the most.

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Players in your game: 1-4. Tried with multiple variations


They can, but I guess that there are just some special clothes that are just able to get by looting machines, like the police uniforms, the foa exosuite (by reapers) or experimental clothes (helmets, jacket, pants, gloves, eye- and earpiece (occular, headset)).

And yesterday I got an eyepatch (pirate) by some of these dead machines.

There are a lot of clothing items so it can take a long time for a specific one to drop. I know it took what feels like forever before I found my first eye patch. My friends had found them numerous times before I did. I don’t think there is a bug with the drop rate. Just bad luck.

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Since it’s related to a trophy, they should really make the eye patch a world item that can be picked up in a specific location.

I was lucky enough to find one in the Archipelago but I understand how frustrating it would be to be stuck on one last trophy for ages because RNGsus isn’t on your side.

Additionally, I think that once you find a piece of clothing, it should never drop again. Unlike guns, duplicate clothing can’t be recycled or given away. Finding a million gas masks and knitted caps is pretty annoying when you’re still missing a ton of other clothes.

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I once made a suggestion regarding this, I think.

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Check Klinte, and fiskebeck often

  • just out of interest - have you tried using the eye patch you get for free from the challenge tree for the achievement?

I check Klinte, Fisekelbeck, neighborhood nearby Ostervik called Ilsa(?), and Salthamn.

No, I did not realize the challenge tree offered that. Are those challenges offered randomly? Are you referring to the below?

  • Destroy 15 Apocalypse Class Harvesters - Rewards: 4 Prestige points, Toolbelt Warrior (Title) & Stealthy Resistance robot eyepatch (Apparel)

No, the challenges are not randomized. They’re always the same for everyone and don’t change.

The Resistance Robot Eyepatch most likely won’t count towards the trophy, since it was added way after launch and isn’t pirate related at all. Worth a shot though, I guess.

Even though the name of the trophy references a pirate, the description just say loot something while wearing an eye patch, so this might work. Few friends of mine popped it while wearing the non-pirate patch.

I will definitely give this a shot, thanks!

No worries at all, ironically I had a long term player recently get all of them. he of course was stuck with the eye patch one at the end - but the idea came to me after he found it at Klinte.

Please do tag back if it actually works.

Played for 2 years and have found the Eyepatch and Pirate Eyepatch 5-6 times on same account. Since it’s random, don’t recall where but remember it came from tool boxes, luggage, and not looted from robots. Have read/seen that the eyepatches appear closer to water, here is a youtube clip: Generation Zero - I Want To Be A Mighty Pirate Achievement / Trophy Guide - YouTube
Keep on looting, you will find it! ARRRRRG

@AliasDJA, do you know how to get access to the Scout Challenges tree? Looks like it comes from one of the DLCs.

Nevermind, looks like it is a part of the FNIX Rising expansion.

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