Eyewear modifiers

I was thinking about some things discussed on the discord and I thought id bring the suggestions here:
Modifications for eyewear, Things that would allow you to modify your vision kinda like the goggle and scope modifications but a bit different with a few different things
Such as nv, tech view, minimap, (motion tracker?), and maybe an enemy highlighter that can highlight enemies and lootable things within the players LOS (modifiable colors)
They wouldn’t all be able to be active at the same time and maybe you could switch between them like you do when scoped

there are 3 funny glasses in the game that modify eye sight

Bit of a necro, but there are a lot of items in the game that would be great with some more of these modifiers.

With the winter event currently on, ‘snow blindness’ is almost a thing—so some dark sunglasses or ski goggles that actually WORK would actually be kinda nice, for a potentially stupid simple example…

The ‘ecto scientist’ headgear could be tech view, NV, or IR, OPV, or the ‘seeker goggles’ or ‘experimental eyepiece’ or ‘stealthy resistance robot eyepiece(?)’… So there are options both in DLC and base game.

Other colored glasses could come with whatever tinting, as well. Red, green, blue, yellow…

The makings for many of these possible tweaks are, to some extent, already present; the filters and settings seen in photo mode… Sure seems to be roughly how the three funny glasses work, already.