F23 Överby Airbase BIG GAS BUG

F23 Överby Airbase

A big gas BUG

Me down in the bunker, Hunter above me on the little hill.

The hunters register me in the bunker and throw the gas. The gas is dripping through the floor and killing me.

Please fix the bug with the gas, maybe I’ll buy a DLC. But not like that.

And if you can’t do that, switch gas to radioactivity. You’d be more likely to believe that.
It’s not the only gas bug.


Ein großer Gas Fehler

Ich unten im Bunker, Hunter über mir auf dem kleinen Hügel.

Die Hunter regestrieren mich im Bunker und werfen Gas. Das Gas drinkt durch den Boden und tötet mich.

Bitte behebt den Fehler mit dem Gas, vielleicht kaufe ich dann auch noch ein DLC. So aber nicht.

Und wenn ihr das nicht könnt, dann ändert Gas in Radioaktivitär um. Das könnte man dann schon eher glauben.
Ist ja nicht der einzige Gas Bug.


Welcome to the forums. I’ve moved this to #bug-reports.

Looks like a Tank spotted you from above and released gas, which somehow got through the walls.
That’s definitely not intended, thanks for reporting it on video :+1:


That’s how gas works in GZ. It penetrates everything immediately and is impervious to wind. You get damaged instantly, even when pressing the key to hold the breath. This doesn’t work. Very annoying!

I really hope the devs would adjust the whole poisonous gas implementation to a more realistic version where wind has an effect as well as walls and mountains cannot be penetrated but I doubt that this will ever happen.

Never did it occur to me to hold my breath! Huh. Shame, that is cool enough that it should work. Let’s talk to Pontus on the next Twitch…

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It’s stated ingame though, that it’s the kind of gas that not only affects your respiratory system, but also does nerve damage on physical contact.

Highly unlikely to be powerful enough to penetrate solid rock, though :smile:

Yeah, which is why I’ve always said that one of the clothing finds should be a Noddy Suit. It’s what they gave us against chemical attack, including through-the-skin nerve agents. Now, it should be short-use. Perhaps one attack, until you have to find another one.

Hmm, in that case I wonder why even bother using a gas mask when 90% of the body is still affected by the gas. I know it has a calculatory effect but this doesn’t make sense when you’re still suffering heavily. On Guerilla it’s a mass grave for medkits especially with the logarithmic calculation of health points.