Face of Adversity Crash

Today I was playing the FNIX Rising expansion pack, which is great so far! I had just completed the Test Run mission and got back to the base and installed the plow to the front of the truck. I got a bit distracted after that and collected the explosives to use on newly constructed FNIX bases. I went to the center of the farmlands region and tried to take down a FNIX control point, and after a bit of confusion, I successfully destroyed the 4 shield generators. After that, I couldn’t seem to actually take down the control point. That isn’t the bug I would like to report, however. I returned to the base, and talked to Calle about driving the truck. This began the Clearing The Path mission. After I started this mission, I was prompted for the Face of Adversity mission, and accidentally tracked it. At this point, the game crashed, and upon loading that character, it crashes again. If I enter with a different character, the Clearing the Path mission continues as normally.

TLDR: crashed the game when accepting Face of Adversity while starting Clearing the Path

I am on a PC with updated Windows and graphics drivers.
I was solo, and only had one character at the time of the crash.

I know this issue is probably going to be unfixable, but I am going to try to complete one of the missions as a different character.
I will update after I try that.


My plan will not work. I start off in the first region as a new character, and as soon as I cross the bridge onto the main island the game crashes. Also if I try to fast travel to any location on the mainland, it crashes while loading.

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