Faction talk and some dissussion

So we all know there are many factions in the game but some have no more suvivors.
The only factions that are surviving is or partially the only ones I know.
Soviet union
Iron church
Do you think these factions will take part on helping or destroying.

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Don’t forget the Ljuset commune. :coffee:

I think all of them died by suicide lol.

I wouldn´t put Fnix there.
It´s the “main antagonist”
We still don´t have data about NATO and URSS, so they either are allied to each other or not.
But maybe Resistance and Iron church are hostile to each other while at the meantime fight Fnix?

So, if there’s actually something to the Iron Church beyond just some weird easter eggs, I believe it’s something like this:

The Östertörn police force, or at least part of it, was conducting some sort of unauthorized investigation into FOA activity on Östertörn.
And what they found convinced them that this activity could pose a real threat to the island and maybe even beyond.
But they also believed, maybe correctly, that going public would put them in danger and lcause their findings to be discredited.
And so they created a secret order of sorts that trained their members in melee combat, so if somethignwas going to happen, they could fight back from the shadows.

I am on Xbox and have yet to come across any evidence of the Iron Church. I watched Tenebris’ Youtube about the hidden church, but all I do when I foww his directions is blow myself off the hillside with no effect on the supposed entrance.

The entrance is bugged since November or December, there is no way to enter the church.
There are certain locations on the map with visual lore from that Faction though.

The soviets are not here to help! They are here to collect robots to bring back to russia so they can build their own and i dont think that sweden allowed russia just to walk in and take what they want, this is an invasion, a red dawn

Nato might be here to help us because of that we swedes have better realations with Nato than with the warsawpact

NATO as is not helping either there job is same as Soviets talking machines for there war and destroy the country covering up the invasion also this is alternate reality so doesnt matter if any country tries fake helping