So that means if I run down a stair to fast, I no longer die? :sweat_smile:
From what I saw these shoes do a max. of 8% less fall damage, right?



It goes like so, depending on what level of schematic (schem) you craft:

1* schem = 4% Fall Resistance
2* schem = 8% Fall Resistance
3* schem = 12% Fall Resistance
4* schem = 16% Fall Resistance
5* schem = 20% Fall Resistance

The 1* and 2* schems have known spawn points in the world. 3*, 4* and 5* schems drop from Rivals. Also, you need to craft lower quality schem before you are able to craft one quality tier up. E.g to craft 4* schem, you need to craft 1*, then 2*, then 3* and only then, you can craft 4* schem bonus.

So, if you do have all 5x Fall Resistance schems, and crafting resources to craft them all, you can get up to 20% fall resistance, which is quite a lot.

E.g screen of 3* schem: