Its bad i jump off a little ledge and die pls fix


Yeah it’s pretty inconsistent. You can stumble a little running downhill and almost die or jump off the top of a lighthouse and take 6 damage. I made a video on one of the other posts about it showing different fall damage oddities


If you upgrade your run speed skill to the max then beware of staircases.


Yeah it’s pretty broke right now.

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I had that, few times.
Kill 25 machines with no death?
Sprint down stair case… dead…



I think part of the problem is that the drop is worked out from the change in height from the start of the rag doll time to the end. So rolling slowly down a gentle incline looks like you fell off a cliff :face_with_head_bandage:


:joy::joy::joy: So true hahahaha

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One time I did that sniper mission, where you climb that drill tower to get to the rifle and kill machines below?
Now, I sprinted up those stairs, suddenly a tick jumped me.
Not sure why I did not hear it, probably too focused on the stairs…
Saw it coming at me, I jumped aside and… fell the whole way down.

Now here’s what I do not get: remember them stairs?
Deadly, eh?
Now that fall?
I survived it.
Landed on my feet with minor injury…
And it was a LONG way down.

Go figure.

Minor Superman syndrome? XD

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I fell off thelighthouse and smoked the ground and it forced my player into a glitched form. It was the animation of needing an adrenaline shot but I had 37 health left and able to fire my MP5. :joy::joy::joy: I was in tears laughing.

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It is certainly a strange phenomena, this falling damage.
It’s OK, really, what buggers me is the fact that the mainland machines just can’t kill me, where ‘friendly’ stairs do.
Weird, where deaths are caused by ‘friendly fire’ (not even joking, I died a few times from guys taking on a machine with exposives (rockets, nades, …) where the explosions killed me as well).

Have you tried running down a real flight of stairs? I wouldn’t recommend it.

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I’m ex-military, 1st Lt, Belgian Para’s, Marche Les Dames.
Did that, often, yes…
Never missed a single step.

If you’re taking stairs the same way you sprint you must have a special relationship with gravity. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Naaaaah, keen senses (back then) and good reaction time.
It’s needed in case of emergency, you do not always have the time to walk a stair case.
Imagine a grenade behind you, what do you do, walk, or…
It’s one of those things I trained in, who knows, there might have been a war soon, somewhere…
And I trained “my men” as well in this.

Another thing I tought them was how to roll down a flight of stairs, in case you DID miss a step.
Always good to be prepared.

I posted this a while ago. I feel the gravity in this game is too low, or we are too light.

Although you can work around stairs if you start springing only after being on the decline.

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found it

check out the difference in damage taken and tell me it makes any sense
0:36 Lighthouse jump- 6
2:12 run down a hill - 11
2:27- really big jump- 3


More than one year later and for me it is still an annoying problem. Unfortunately, the mods fixing this no longer work with the latest version.

I’ve kinda come to love the unpredictable fall damage. Adds kinda another danger to the game: Yourself!

HIGHLY AGREE!!! Fall damage is stupid in this game

Yes, more than a year later but now, we have shoes schematic that we can use to craft Fall Resistance bonus to the shoes, lessening any damage taken from falling from great heights.

Also, do not talk about game modding in here.

I see something else that is stupid. :roll_eyes:

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