We need more gravity so we can jump more easily

Click-bait title, hehe. :grin:

It happens to me quite a lot that I run down a slope and try to jump onto something and I just don’t jump at all. The reason seems to be that I am not touching the ground at that moment. Our characters need to be heavier.

Situations are:

  • jumping over a hedge where the ground ditches a little
  • jumping over narrow grooves or water channels where the shore gets just a little steeper right before the edge

This would also solve the issue that we can easily take damage if we run down stairs too fast.


We need less gravity mr to jump around , :rofl::laughing:


Seriously, though, do you see what I mean?

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Oh yes more height needed , when the ’ jump boost ’ on boots was working it was easier , but them clothing stats do nothing for now , overall it just needs a little elbow grease and polish and another 2foot added to jump , aye cheers :+1: