Farming rivals efficiently

Hey. I’d appreciate to hear from people how they go about farming rivals, in order to hunt for 6* weapons?

Short story first. I just bought Alpine Unrest and began playing GZ again after a 3 month break. However, I’m currently only lvl. 26 and most of my guns are still 4*. After a tough fight with 3 Apocalypse Hunters in the farmlands, I realized I might not be ready to go to Himfjäll yet, and because I haven’t played since august, rivals are also new to me.

I watched @tene’s video on farming rivals, and the idea I got from that was to go around the map and get a rival spawned into each region. He said doing this should take about 2 hours. Since it’s my first time I reckoned I have to do this twice before I begin farming, since you should leave the first rival alone in order to keep the region score up.
I began on the South Coast, and the first rival spawned at about 400 region score.
I then jumped over to the Farmlands, and there nothing happened. I reached about region level 13 and score 2700 before a rival spawned. This took me over 2 hours, and if that’s the pace my rivals are gonna spawn, I’m in for a very long run. (I only play solo.)

Any opinions on this? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately this is the only proper way to get rivals to spawn. Kill machines in a region and hope a rival spawns. If yes, change the region because of the 2h spawn-cooldown, rinse and repeat…

Oh… and about the region score… if you kill a rival tank, especially if higher class and level, the score will drop nearly to zero or hits zero.

I have never farmed, and I already have 4 of them (Shotty, SMG, Sniper, and AR). I usually kill rivals when they annoy me too much. Two times there was this hunter. I had killed its fellow bots and shot off all weapons as I did not want to take it down completely (for once I wanted to reach max region level). The second one was lvl 1 and I finally took it down as it annoyed the sh*t out of me during me trying to get something done. It dropped the AR, I believe. Odd as it wasn’t lvl 3 or 4.

Is it possible that a region only drops 1 exp weapon? Because that is how it is/was for me so far. In that case I could recommend doing all your have-to’s in a region while sparing your rivals and at the end, after all of them hit lvl 4, take them down and you should get rewarded.

Not that I’d be aware of, any type / class / level rival can potentially spawn every experimental weapon.

Or not… And that’s the point, you definitely don’t get better rewards from a level 4 rival than from a level 1, it’s pure rng. And they don’t have the same loot each time you fire up the game…

Yes - go coop :hugs:

Only a few hours after I began the first mission on Himfjell I now have 5 rivals whitch at least 2 (maybe 3) are lvl 4, don’t remember my area score but I think it is about 14000, but I have not “encountered” any rivals yet, just avoided them for now…just curious how many rivals I can get, if there are any limits to the amount of rivals.
But anyway rivals on this island evolve pretty fast I must say…haven’t seen this pace of evolvement
on the mainland.

There’s a maximum of 6 active rivals per region, afaIk

Thanks, then the curiosity abruptly ended :wink:
Well… these rivals will eventually be abruptly ended as well…

I have 8 in the Farmlands, atm.

Nice, then my curiosity popped right back :blush:
Let’s see how many rivals I can get on this small island of Himfjell…

Yep the max per region is 8 and i believe the cap for how many you can have in the world at one time is like 30 or so, there was a post on here from a mod about it but i can’t seem to find it anymore :worried:
And @NJR87 sadly that’s how it goes, that’s why i said the sliding scale for rival spawns is averaged to 500-2500 as it can spawn earlier and later but the regular spawning situation is in that range, so it sounds like you got really lucky the first time and really unlucky the second time :joy: it can be a real slow grind in single player, but in the end its pay off is more rewarding than fighting individual rivals or worse, taking some peoples suicide route to rivals D:
Hope the rest of them come easier to ya my dude, and that they drop some decent exp weapons for you :smiley:

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Okay :wink: I guess I just gotta stick to it then. I swear I thought something was broken before the second one appeared. I even tried restarting the game! :joy:

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I usually pick some predetermined locations, and farm machines there, for instance:

  • ANL 118
  • Klinte
  • Maria Church
  • Överby airfield
  • Granhyget
  • Sillavik (Church)

Then I level up in different regions, and get a little variety. As soon as a rival spawn, I generally take that one out, since the drop rate of experiemental weapons is rather high, even on lvl 1 rivals.

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I have the same list, plus Hjalmar Sturga. Angerås Church is alright heading NW, you’ll find a lot of harvesters with attendants. Muskudden Port Complex safehouse usually leads to a squad of hunters, a tank, a harvester and a dog pack.

Max amount of rivals in entire world map is 64. Max 8 rivals per region times 8 regions = 64.
If you don’t have Alpine Unrest DLC then max is 56 active rivals (7 regions).

I currently have 55 active rivals in my game, most are lvl4.

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Okay… It quickly got kinda repetitive, going around and around the map farming. I went over to Himfjäll instead to continue the game. I went after the third rival that spawned on the island, an Apocalypse Tank. Him and his Tank companion went down rather easily due to their useless mortar/mine attack, and voilà, a 6 crown PVG90 was mine. Anticipations were sky high as I equipped the humming rifle. My first victim was a lone Apocalypse Hunter. I shot his fuel tank, and he flipped around 180 degrees, like: “WHO DID THAT?” Before he could even see me I fired 1 shot to his main weapon, 1 to his tick pod, and 1 to his shoulder weapon, and down he went! I was grinning from ear to ear. This weapon is a game changer, and the closest I’ll ever come to being religious! :laughing: