Farming rivals meaning and ag4 help


What does farming rivals mean?
Also does anyone know where to find an ag4 extended magazine as 20 bullets isnt enough for me but i have tons of 7.62 ammo for it?


Hello @tomgzero !

Farming Rivals is usually after you made enough carnage in Sweden, more ‘harder’ machines start to spawn across the map (indicated as a flashing circled ‘X’ on the map). They start at level 1 and can level up as you die or destroy more machines. Some people like myself, let them keep spawning and at some point, just like a picking season, they get ripe (higher level) and just go in and start taking them all out!

AG-4 magsize,… need to pray to RNGsus.I am up to 3x 5 star/tier weapons now. My AG-4 only has the 2 star/tier clip that I found in a loot box. Just keep killing and keep looking boxes!


“Farming” is another form of “griding” in video games.
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Look in the Mountains, Marshlands and North Coast regions for that. Or kill FNIX harvs/tanks.

Fastest way would be trading it with someone.


@tomgzero Sounds to me like you’ve just started playing, since you don’t even have a 1* extended mag, am I right?

Rivals can drop experimental weapons, the best weapons in-game, but they only start dropping after you’re level 25 or above, so there’s no use in farming / grinding rivals until then.

I’m currently not playing GZ, but if you’re on PC I could always hop in and give you some nice gear to get started, including an AG4 ext. mag. :+1: However, I won’t be able to do it before next week, maybe monday. But the offer stands. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the help. I am on xbox one s and i dont have xbox live gold so no multiplayer. I have been playing for about 3 months ish an i have gone in south coast farmlands marshlands and mountains. Unfortunately the ag4 is one of the few guns i have that i dont have extended magazine for, but thanks for the help especially to look in mountains marshlands and north coast region and kill fnix harvs and tanks.
thanks a lot


I’ve got weapons and supplies for Xbox if you need anything, especially AG4 setup

GT - Alias DJA


thanks but unfortunately i dont have xbox mutiplayer so i didont think you can do it. thanks anyway :slight_smile:


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