Farmland Mission Bug [Resolved]

I was attempting to find the final mission in the farmlands that I had yet to do for the challenge and couldn’t find it. So I cross references what I had done and a list of all Farmlands missions.

Found the mission Colonists that I had not listed as completed, but not only do I remember doing the mission but I am unable to attempt to do it again. This leaves me with it uncompleted, me not being able to do it, and not being able to fill the challenge.

Any help?

Is the mission listed in your log, but just not completed?

Tried these steps?

It’s not listed in my logs. Not available and not completed even though I’ve completed it. And yeah, I’ve opened the barn but theres no Hunter in there.

Here are some infos about the mission start.
Are you able to redo this?

I had already completed it and I couldnt do it with the character I completed it on, but for some reason it let me redo it with a 2nd character. So thank you very much, friend.

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