Farmlands Region Bug

Afternoon all,
I’ve come to find what appears to be a weird FPS bug that occurs anytime I enter the Dyrboslatten area via the Stora Dyrbo safehouse. after spawning at Stora Dyrbo and heading N-NE into Dyrboslatten my frame rate drops considerably and persists for a few minutes afterward, then its intermittent frame drops thereafter while in this area.

Platform: PC

Description: persistent frame drops when entering and while in Dyrboslatten

Steps To Reproduce:

spawn at Stora Dyrbo safe house
walk out of the barn and head North - North East
after about 100-150m or so frame rate drops considerably for some time

Host or Client: Both

Players in your game: 1 - 3

Specifications: GTX 1660 and Intel I7

Is anyone else having these issues?