Fashionista Competition - with a twist


Context behind this is simple. I’m from a generation that had the pinnacle of shooters at their fingertips. Achievements and Trophies are standard - and whether you aim for them or not it is a factor that will really grind gamer’s ESPECIALLY at this level of gaming. My standards and expectations are high and - over the past 2 weeks I’ve learned to accept that Generation Zero will now only get better with time. There is going to be a long, hard, update process before this game level’s out but - during another evening playing with my main as .50 cal over-watch I thought of something to make Fashionista a little more bearable.

So - the twist. Instead of reading the bug reports, feedback/feature requests that currently blanket the forum - a little competition.

The Prize will be either the “Schweet Vanity Pack” or " Tubular Vanity Pack", on the platform of your choice, and will judge the winner once Fashionista is fixed and confirmed by TA ( which i oversee )

To enter - you need to take a screenshot of your character in costume, write a back story, and include a name. Be as creative as you want, and look forward to the fashionista journey.


Cornelius is based in Northern Ireland, caught in a political engagement between the IRA and it’s people… 3 days ago his brother was killed in a train explosion near Belfast. After spending 2 years at Wollf Engineering - he learned of a new technology that will revolutionize combat eliminating the need for human combat.

Still suffering from the loss of his brother - left the family home, his education, and traveled over 1000 miles north east to Sweden where his journey begins.


It’s a neat idea, though since this isn’t officially an Avalanche initiative I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. I’d be willing to move this to Community Content so people can share their characters, or Feedback & Feature Requests for future competition material, but I’d prefer if you clarified which subforum this thread belongs in first.


Put it in community, its more for fun than actual game-play issues.