Fashionista trophy ps4 cant be completed


So I been playing on base ps4 for a While and I thought how many apparel items did I pick offcource I could not see the stats but I recorded and livestreamed the game great game by the way and I counted well over 400 and I saw the ultra rare 0.0% so is this even possible if it dont please someone fix it cant wait on the update I want to get platinum im already on 61% so please fix it


Just look at the trophies. Those with 0.0% are all bugged at the moment and cannot be obtained. Just cross your fingers and hope it will be addressed in the upcoming patch. :slight_smile:


Already thought so but anyway thanks for commenting


On Xbox this is one of seven unobtainable achievements. The others are Sapper, One Shot, Elementary, Go-Getter, I Just Called to Say I Love You and Splash Damage. Really hope these are fixed as Achievements/Trophies are a big deal to some of us.


True but this month will be the one I think


Damn dude use a comma from time to time.


So it say’s 0.1 for me on this trophy but it still didn’t pop and I just get my 206 piece of apparel so I think it is still bug