Fast and deadly?


Just the other day, I scouted a tank, military class. It was around 200 meters away. I tried to snipe a component off, and it noticed me.
Then, suddenly, instead of just standing still or slowly walking towards me, it started running, only looking for me. I don’t know if it is supposed to do that, so please let me know if this is an actual function or just a bug.


Tanks can charge you from afar, yep. They’re especially prone to do this when you’ve disabled their weapons, but in large open areas they can move around quite a bit :slight_smile:


It’s scary.
The first time it ran towards me after an update, I screamed and squealed as my friend cringed. Yeah, I don’t go for the back anymore, I actually no longer just spray raw bullets, but rather use explosives all the time.

Used to be breezy cheezy corners with a regular gun. Good luck…


Running tanks are the scariest thing in the game. I wish the devs would code it so they did that more. Tanks and harvesters seem to struggle with the surrounding objects which is a pity as they so often appear around urban areas and forests.


Tanks and Harvesters should be changed to be confined to Roads and Open Areas only.

I come across wayyy too many of them, stuck in forests or between buildings.
Their pathfinding and object detection must be improved or changed.
Give them the ability to stomp cars and plot “shortest route to target via road”…