Fast travel points bug (ps4)


I’ve been playing Gen zero for a couple weeks now, and I havent had much issue with the game (except around 2 or 3 crashes and a massive influx of being kicked from sessions by people who dont know how to make sessions private) but one bug stands out alot for me. I’ve noticed that when I play online in a different session, with me not hosting it, I have all my fast travel points. (Furthest point I have is boo church lmao) However, when I host a session, I dont even have Iblohem Church’s (first church you come across) fast travel point. Any ways to fix it myself or is it an issue with the quest mechanics?


I did some digging and I suspect it has to do with me not doing alot of quests solo, so maybe the fast travel points dont show up in my session because I didnt unlock them in my session? I’ll keep experimenting tomorrow, see what works and what doesnt.
It should also be noted that I am endgame and have most of the fast travel points, when I’m not hosting a session.


Multi-player progress isn’t saved for joining players in most cases which makes it a bit boring going multi-player as you work a lot but don’t get missions and POIs saved.

Had a great time playing with a few people and we made lots of discoveries, only to discover that they wasn’t saved for me.


There are many of us who know how to make sessions private.

However the game resets to the status of public, sometimes immediately and sometimes later in the session


@Alinde yeah I think what I’ll have to do is play solo for a while and regrind for the fast travel points