Fast travel text toggle?

Hi there! Is there a way to disable the text that comes up each time someone fast travels? If not it could we get a way to toggle it?

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I would appreciate that, too.
Same goes for emotes.

If my mate and me capture parts of our sessions or make screenshots we always look, that our player-ids can’t be seen. Those messages always include the players id.

For saving our personal data I would love to be able to disable those messages.

Edit: btw, there already is an option to hide player ids, but that just hides them in the world over the players heads / below them (I don’t know anymore). This could be expanded by all situations where you may see the id like:

  • when hovering the cursor over a players icon on the map
  • onscreen-messages on the left side of the screen
  • are there more?
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Yes I agree, I would like to turn off everything so that when a person joins I don’t know and gets surprised when I randomly meet them

We need more people on this thread for the devs to consider this

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What do you think about that?
Fulfills a request, improves personal data security (player id) and would be good for creation of more community content for example on youtube.

Not everyone likes to accidently share his/hers player id, when sharing content.

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