Feature or bug?

For some reason I can’t put a shotgun silencer on a semi auto (wich the description clearly states is a shotgun
Can’t tell if this is a bug or if the game registers a pump action and a semi auto as two different guns requiring two different silencers

It`s a feature, it would be fun if it was not though.

I like to take out Ticks in houses or bunkers with a shotgun. I do that with a scope sneaking around corners, the semi-auto can’t take that either. Sadly this gun has no real purpose for me. I also like the damage output of the pump.

The only other situation where I employ a shotty is taking out Harvesters from behind (if I want to conserve on 7.62, i.e.). The pump does just fine here.

Whenever I need real damage quick, I use a 7.62 full-auto.

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You wouldn’t happen to know were one might find a purple or yellow pump action?

I only have a blue one myself, and I already forked through the Mountain region and most of Farmland.

For purple check: Skvadern bunker and Hermelian Bunker, there are always good weapons there but i cant promise you will find a shotgun on the first go

For yellow (or golden as i call them) only way is a rare drop from rivals or from Fnix Harvesters and Tanks, The same applies to most of the 5 star weapons .