Feature request: a button to toggle attachments on and off

a simple mappable button that can be used to allow the use of iron sights on a weapon with a longer-range scope would be nice, as then i would not need to carry many extra weapons and only need say the 1 or 2 i would need for the situation i have prepared for

Not saying this idea is bad, but cant you just keep the attachments on your character?

I do this with my AG4. I have a rifle scope in my inventory when I need more range.

Very easy to attach/detach it at any time.

It sounds vice versa if I got it right.

He wants a switch to quick detache a scope off the weapon to use the iron sight instead of a scope.

I cannot argue with that in total. Such a switch would be good for barrel and scope attachments.
But I’m not sure if it fits to Generation Zero the way you want it.

If you need to cover different ranges, you take different weapons for these ranges with you.
For me the 2x red dot on an AG4 was too unflexible. So I changed to a 1x4 rifle scope.
Now I have a good useable range with vision module but can also fight in close battles like with iron sight. For greater ranges I use a pvg.

Maybe by optimizing the weapon wheel there could be an option to select a weapon on the wheel and by holding longer on it a new configuration tab expands at the location on the wheel, where you could quickly change attachments.

Keep in mind that console players don’t have much buttons to use. Well, two buttons are now unused, but in my eyes there are other more needed functions.

  • a quick access to binoculars (dpad up)
  • a quick access to gas masks (dpad down)

Change the binoculars to be useable like flashlights instead of placing them on the wheel, but you should still be possible to add vision modules from inventory.

Change the gas masks from apparel tab to an item, that can be used the same way.

Additionally gas masks could also be in inventory to be able to add attachments (better filters that get consumed while using the mask like an ammo)
And flashlights could be changed to an item in the inventory, too. Here you should be able to add light filters as attachments, for a better silent communication in battle.

Wow, that was more than I initially wanted to say, but if I started to think and to write, I’m hard to stop. :wink:

and don’t forget that turn speed with the scope is drastically reduced compered with iron sights