Feature request - Arrows and support rework?

I got this game about a week ago now and I have been having lots of fun with it. By now I think I have played through most of the robots and I’ve experienced a lot of the game, and I want to suggest some new stuff or some tweaks.

First off, I would like new arrows.
I love the bow and how it has been handled. It is a great utility weapon with it’s flares, but it gets overshadowed by other more straightforward powerful weapons. Especially the ones that do not get distracted by flares and/or need more damage to be taken down. I don’t think I have pushed the bow to it’s limits though, so I might be wrong.
However, I would like to see more arrows come to the game. I was mostly thinking EMP arrows. It could add another utility to the bow and help it rise to the spot of other more powerful weapons. At least utility wise.

Maybe it could have a cool effect where it could disable 1 specific compartment instead of the whole machine?

– I’m done talking about arrows I will now talk about the support skill tree

I personally love playing support in videogames and I feel like the support skills in gen0 start off good, but slowly become overshadowed by the other skills in their usefulness.
I feel like the throwing distance and accuracy is really nice but it’s not really needed. It’s mostly useful for EMPs but you won’t really be that far enough away to get a use out of these skills for it to be justified. At least in my experience.

The healer skill is good, but, I can’t see what health my teammates are at, so it’s hard to know when to heal someone.

The flanking skill is really nice though, I enjoy it a lot. I think this one is good as is.

Veteran guerrilla is… nice I guess? I don’t find a use for it and it mostly feels like filler trying to make the marking skill seem better.

Enemy marking is, pretty nice actually! I find it useful to be able to see what health the enemies are at, and being able to have them take more damage when marked is nice with the next skill in this line. At least early game. However, I find it tedious to have to switch between the binoculars and my weapon all the time, to be able to mark the enemies. I wish there would be a way to maybe let me use it with sniper scopes too?
I feel like this would add another usefulness to the skill as I feel like it’s not worth it switching to my binoculars every time to mark an enemy.

The Heal amount skill is, nice, makes you heal more, pretty standard and it is appreciated.

Designated Target is okay, but again, I feel like it’s not worth it switching from your weapon to mark something.

Revive speed, again, standard for support roles, but still very nice.

Last man standing I actually haven’t gotten to test out properly, nor have I tested out any of the specializations but from what I can see they are all pretty good.

That’s all my thoughts for the game. I hope it was readable and if you have any thoughts about what I said, I hope you’ll comment :smiley:
I’d love to hear feedback of my feedback.

Before I end this post, I want to say I think the devs are doing amazing with the game. I’ve had so much fun playing with friends and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Edit: I realised this right after I posted it, but why do flare arrows weigh so much? Can someone explain the thought prosess behind that decision to me because I don’t really get it…