Feature request - as part of a wishlist

Hey there,

as christmas is getting closer, I was thinking about a wishlist. So here we go…

I was thinking about ski on himfjäll for getting down the hills faster or cross-country ski for moving over the snowy roads (instead of bicycles).

An other idea was about skateboards. We’re teenager. I don’t know how popular they have been in sweden in the late 1980s, but what if we would be able to find and to collect some different skateboards (blue, red, green :joy:)? You wouldn’t have to find a station to use them. Once you collected one, you would be able to put it in your inventory just like a fieldradio. Equip it, drop it and use it for a little more speed than running but less than cycling. It would be very useful on concrete (streets, in cities) and for downhill (no or less fall damage in general, but a small chance to fall off and get hurt). But on grass/earth/snow it would slow you down. Another benefit for using the skateboard instead of the bicycle could be, that you would be able to fire guns towards the direction you’re driving to as your hands are free. Not thinkable on a bike :crazy_face:. After skating you need to pick it up in order to be able to use it again.

Besides these ideas I would like to have some new type or class of enemies, as written in some other threads before. I don’t want to repeat myself for now (dropship, titan,…).

life and nature
Additionally I would like to see a bit more life (animals) in this already beautiful world. Fishes in the seas and rivers or at the coasts, deer (moose), wolves and rabbits (as examples) in the forests, sheep or cows on the grass… And not just dead ones :wink:

basebuilding and defending them
Oh, I almost forgot the base-building. Please give us more places where we could build bases, maybe one place per region. The classes of enemies you would have to fight could be similar to the ones you in general meet in the region. Difficulty could be bound to the number of players, the players and the bases levels (base-level, another feature request… Raised by the amount of walls and defence-structures, automatic weapons, craftable structures (wood, concrete, fnix-tech), the set game-difficulty and a random factor. If every single wave is the same in every round it gets boring too fast).

And the last wish for today would be a next-gen upgrade with enhanced graphics (maybe some more graphics-options), greater textures and usage of the new features like the dualsenses’ addaptive triggers on PS5 and PC. :star_struck:


Map: Waypoint-system
I thought about an addition/change to the markers you can place on the map. I sometimes wished to be able to place more than just one marker or even to be able to set a route. And the name of the markers/waypoints should have other names than just a single number. Maybe something like the “initials” of the players name + an upcounting number for the marker/waypoint and a random, player-specific color for the markers/waypoints.
For example my markers could be orange with a “M” and a 1 for the first one and so on. My mates name begins with a “B”, so his markers could be blue, with a “B” and a number for each marker. This could be limited to 3 or 5 per player maybe. Or otherwise the function for connected waypoints could be limited to be just useable by the host.

Maybe I’ll add some wishes or ideas later. There are a few days to go. What do you think? What would you add to the list? Thx for reading!

The skateboard whould probably be slower than the bikes, not so good when you can sprint faster, please i am not wanting to hurt you by sayuing this but as the community talked about we think the “titan” whould not be the best choice for a new robot, the same for the dropship. Yes the tech is modern but it whould make more sense to just have ground troops for FNIX. And a wish from me is that we get more things to build, maybe the green army buildings that we see everywhere, or containers that could be baracks. Maybe so we could build a real military base. And of course some SWEDISH flags for our base.

Thanks for reading

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Thank you.
Do you think of destroyable buildings as all buildable structures for base defence are destroyable and of course may be repaired?

Should the same type of structures be destroyable in the open world, too?

One (or two) more thing(s) :

Craftable bombs

  • Time controlled Bomb
    Grab some explosives, a radio or sound module (seeker) and a car battery and plug them together to a noisy bomb which triggers to explode after about 15 seconds.

  • Radio controlled bomb
    Add a field radio to get a noisy radio controlled bomb (trigger could be a special function of normal field radios)

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