Feature request - Base assault revamp

Ok, I didn’t want to hijack another topic, so here is my own to this topic.

What I would love to see is a real evolution of the bases on each higher level. Not just a more, more, more.


There are some facts about base assaults that are dumb. It’s always the same.

The airstrike of the command center btw is a thing I really don’t like. What’s its use?
Well, it probably is just a method to entertain us while shooting the strong command center.

But I don’t think that it’s necessary. And it makes no sense. A small radius bombardement which doesn’t damage their own structures and machines is dumb. Just shooting as long as it explodes is dumb. The idea with the shield generators instead is not a bad idea.

In general each assault works the same:
take a great distance with some cover, shoot the turrets (one good placed shot from exp pvg for each), look where the shield generators are, blow up the walls next to them and every machine spawn that becomes visible, run to the generator, open them, blow them up, get back to safe distance and shoot the command center.

The airstrikes make no sense. In general at the time you attack the command center itself there is not much that could harm you really any more. Amd there is no need to be as close.

And, in my opinion just shooting everything is dumb.


1. General changes

I’m missing ticks. At every fnix facility there are ticks. Why not at their bases? They shouldn’t respawn, they are just there at the walls and wait to attack us.

Production sites:
Change the spawn stations to small production sites. Small garages that open a door to release a machines. There could be different sizes for seeker, runner, hunter and in the higher classes even a tank.

Classes of bases + different levels.
Like the machines classes the bases could have a unique look and feel. The higher the class, the higher and stronger the walls. More turrets, ok, but maybe additional with different ammo in the machine guns, up to radioactive ammo on apocalypse class bases.

There could also be on some of the higher classes more short distance traps like the shock pulse of the turret-elements. Maybe walls with flamethrowers.

Of course the machines classes that get produced there also depend on the class of the base.

Maybe each class could have two or three levels, where the highest level gets a tank production site.

2. The assault itself

Like written in the introduction, it’s always the same procedure. And it’s easy to do from distance, except with the shield generators. We should get forced to do some more things in close range.

Here is a new way how base assaults could work:

  1. Need to find, open and destroy shield generators. The generators should be in the ground and come up if you open them. Would be a better explanation why you can’t destroy them before opening them, while you’re able to blow up the whole base around them before.

  2. Don’t just shoot them. Use explosives. Well, remote controlled bombs sadly actually just are part of a dlc. But there are other ways, too.

  3. Either on opening them or on destroying them there could be a gas attack on the complete area of the base. Gas works best against organic life forms and doesn’t damage the machines structures. So you’re in need to be fast. Get out of there and wait until the gas is gone and proceed destroying the shield generators. There could be different gases for the different classes of bases. (military: yellow, fnix: purple, apocalypse: green)

  4. After that the shield of the command center gets deactivated, but you can’t just destroy it by shooting from distance. There could be some components you need to destroy. After each component there could be gas again:

  • 1.Component: yellow gas
  • 2.Component: purple gas
  • 3.Component: green radioactive gas

After that a computer terminal opens. Now you need to hack the command center to make it vulnerable against attacks.
Some reinforcements come in. Hacking needs some time, not just a button press.

  1. After you did that, the command center is vulnerable and may be destroyed. It shouldn’t have much health. But now you need to be fast to get best rewards. A self destruction is initialized, after a few seconds it makes a firestorm attack like the reaper. Gas spreads out and it will blow up.
    If you’re fast enough to destroy it by yourself, you get better rewards, otherwise it gets destroyed, you get less good rewards and maybe even get killed by the explosion.

The end.

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