Feature request: Boarding up house windows

While taking cover in one of the houses, the thought occurred to me that with the wood we collect, it would be nice if we could temporarily board up the windows for some added cover. I find it a little surprising that there aren’t already houses with boarded up windows from survivors who didn’t evacuate that we can enter, given the situation.


It would be nice to be able to take the wood off the doors & reuse it too.

Should the boarded up windows and doors just be additional cover against bullets or should it prevent the machines to be able to see you through them, too?

I mean, if they can’t see you, why should they shoot at the boarded up windows/doors?
The cover would have almost no use against bullets.

On the other hand, if they can see you through them and shoot at you, should the wood break after some hits? Keep in mind that explosions could break them all at once.

One difficulty I see is the aiming in GZ, if you should still be able to shoot through gaps in the boarding. Currently I don’t think that this would be possible.

Although the boarding up of houses and such, was fitting story-wise, it was mainly done by the devs to reduce the number of assets in the game world. Consoles in particular could not handle the load.


how does boarding up the windows result in fewer assets?

He means the locked houses with boarded up windows and doors… There is no furniture, no interior, nothing.

That saves assets.


I dont see a need for this feature unless Hunters and Runners are modified to be able to enter and roam inside buildings.
So boarding up houses its pointless as of the moment.