Feature request - boss fights per region (story)


I just had the idea of introducing a kind of boss fights to the story.

The main mission of the game is to conquer the bunkers of each region to get access to the warboard (and even more main missions) to be able to progress in the story.

Each region and each bunker mission somehow are unique and it’s fun to clear the bunkers, but at some point it’s just too easy, because there are often just few or easy enemies.

What if there would be one or more special machines that defend the bunkers instead of normal runners and hunters, like mini-bosses.

They could work like rivals, with more strenght, a unique name and additional maybe a special ability and some unique loot (a set of apparel, new unique attachments or weapon modules).


The rival system as is could definitely be reworked into a sorta mini-boss/region boss system.
Because at the moment it’s just normal enemies with slightly enhanced health and a Chance of dropping good loot, that, until your the level to receive experimentals, is still basically normal loot despite what the devs say.

I like this idea, maybe the bunker keycards system could be reworked so you would have to defeat these regional bosses before you can enter the bunker? Add a bit of a challenge and feeling of progress rather than killing a random enemy in that region. I think adding these would ( If all fights were unique ) help stop the sort of boring current system of get 3 key cards, get in bunker, use warboard, do missions, rinse and repeat. I don’t want to be too critical but several of the launch mission are similar. Example: Find recording or note leading to either weapons cache, machines or dead people with some lore puzzle pieces sprinkled around. Adding some more diversity this way would freshen the game up a bit for me, thought?


I thought about this as well. :+1:
Maybe there could be a good mix or a random generator of different methods to get access to the keycards or bunkers.
These regional rivals / mini-bosses could appear before, after or while getting access to the bunker or warboard.

I also thought about some of these machine spawn generators from the fnix bases inside bunkers, for some longer/harder battles.

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The idea sounds interesting, it would make bunker clearing tense, maybe another class of hunter or runner, I thought maybe with some features of the reaper like shielding and incendiary ammunition :+1:

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