Feature request: bring back gnome ticks / add random events for treasure hunters

I’ve heard the original gnome tick was a glitch/ accidental addition to the game that granted players some gnome cosmetics.

I think it would be a cool Easter egg to bring back for those players who’ve collected all gnome figures.

Of course making the Easter egg spawn extremely rare thus making the cosmetics more desirable.

In fact I think, a cool Easter egg event pertaining to all collectibles would be nice. Something for end game that rewards treasure hunters with small but rare random events to earn a few cosmetics.


I think it is an unfinished Idea that was left inside the Game files
That somehow got activated by accident due to a Glitch…

Which us Player got intrigued by
Due to we don’t know what causes it to happen
Yet it have Unique, Assets, Loot and Cosmetics.

  • 2 Gadgets: Tick Pods & Gnome pods
  • 7 Cosmetics Masks: with Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Hats or Gold/Silver, Undead, Machine designs.

Yet it wasn’t a one time Occurrence
as I’ve Read and seen Videos with it, in different places
I’ve even found them myself Though sure what i had Stumbled into at First…
as they requires 2+ Players in world else they won’t function.

The Rumor is they often occur when the Game is Glitchy or Unstable maybe having FPS issues.

But, The Gnomes-Ticks Themselves can also be affected by Issues and Bugs, which I’ve encountered:

The reason i Think it is an Unfinished Idea
Is Because the Gnome-Ticks have a unique Model and their Pod have Unique art Assets:

The Regular Tickpod Acquired by The Engineer Specialization (Click to view)

It would Interesting if They would appear as actual event, but when?.
But They should probably also switched Location each day, so we’ll have to be re-discovered again doing said event.

Maybe Our Companion Runner could help “Sniff” them out… ;p


I will forever still hunt these buggers even if it’s a waste of time.


Where i Can find This Bro ?

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From what I’ve learned you can’t anymore. Next time I play I’m going to try a few things but I doubt I’ll be successful.

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Hmm… I can’t agree with that as a solo player because back in the times I’ve managed to provoke said glitchy state more than once and was able to get my hands on six of the seven gnome masks and plenty of pods of both kinds… :wink:


Me too I got all seven Masks on solo play.


I don’t like yall…

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If i could have done it in Solo I would have done so… But i Sadly could not… -.-
I had no prompt for them and I tried Shooting them, using Explosives, EMPs, and Hitting them with Melee, not even a Fully Charged Mjølner did anything! (didn’t even break a single window in the houses…)
I don’t know what i could do that i didn’t try… which didn’t work If i were the sole player in the World… <.<

I needed to have At least 1 Other player in my World before i could Activate them by any means… <.<
and since i Don’t Prefer to play with “Public” which meant i had to wait till either my Friend, Cousin or Brother had Time and Interest.

When My Friend where in My World, the prompt would appear and i could activate them and a Gnome-Tick would appear.
(I think it was the opposite if i were in Her world)
But I found out i could also activate them by Shooting at them, but only while there were 2 players in the World.
She just went around in Hagaboda and looted, while i Farmed the Gnome ticks.
as She don’t like them at all.
(However if She left the game, The prompt would still be there, but do nothing, nor would a Shot…)

More strangely She could freely move around houses and open or close Doors, while i could neither and for me they were still ajar…
So from my perspective She would just be running against the a Door till She appeared on the other side of it o.0

the Reason that is only so many Gnome-Tick wreaks in this Video is because the spawning mechanism broke… -.-
like in the Video i Linked Above, also nearly anyone that had Loot would not open the Loot window, the prompt would just disappear on pressing “E”…

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maybe bring it back in a non-glitch way ‘’’ maybe stick them on one of the small islands ‘’’ and they can walk around like Smurfs or something lol

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every once in a while :blush: I poke my head in places were they use to be, not a single one shows up, game devs completely removed them, it’s 4 the best anyway

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