Feature Request (Console) - Prone without having to stand up

Hi there guys!
I know like most of you console players like me you find the fact that you have to stand in order to go prone is REALLY annoying and kinda breaks stealth on console in a really big way.

In order to go prone, you have to quickly stand up. While crossing any open ground this can easily get you killed if you are trying to sneak. With bots having IR and X-Ray modules automatically in some cases, standing for that split second will most often lead to being spotted.

There is no reason that we should have to go prone like this. Every other game ever has the character just lie down.


I’ll repost my explanation for why I think this happens;

I have no idea how difficult it would be to fix this, but they could probably fix it by having the game prioritize holding circle over pressing circle. Or something.

Nice profile pic btw.

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I do it like you did :wink:

Yes, that’s how it works.
They just would have to change crouch and stand up from “on button press” to “on button release” with higher priority for “on button hold” in my opinion.