Feature request - first aid kit change ammo type when equipped

Would be pretty neat to be able to change between simple, standard, advanced, and radioactive first aid kits with the cycle ammo type key when any type of first aid kit is equipped. Maybe include the paramedic kit too.
Potentially expand this to throwables and deployables as well, further categorised by their usage type (e.g. throwable lures versus deployable lures etc.)
I will point out that this isn’t a request to make more categories in the inventory menu; this is a request to allow cycling between similar equipment types while you have it equipped in your hands. This would free up the hotkey slots for other stuff as well.
On a side note, would it be possible to set the numpad to also be hotkeys?


This is a good idea. Personally I’d like to see a dedicated hotkey that we can use to access out first aid kits, activate the one we want, then press it again to pull out the last gun we had and continue. Just to free up another wheel spoke.