Feature request - first person view on bicycle

As the topic says…

This is a first person shooter.
Except of the emotes there is nothing else which uses a third person view. So why don’t change (or being able to change) the view on bicycles to first person, too?

There is no reason and no need for the 3rd person view.

What do you think?


I like the third person view. With the free rotating camera you can ride and at the same time look around. And it’s nice to see our character in action.

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You could look around in first person, too… For about 180°.

It’s not that I don’t agree with you, but I’d like to have an at least optional 1st person view for some more immersion.

If I want to see my character in action I make some emote. :rofl:

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On a bike and still maintain a straight path? I think you can look where the cursor is pointing. You can’t look sideways or even back while riding the bike, because where you look is where you steer. So if you want to look left and right you’d be zigzagging like drunk monkey. :joy:

This is the way it works in 3rd person, too.
Steer with the left stick, look with the right stick.
Of course, it’s more dangerous in first person… Like it’s in real life.

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I think this is a good proposal! I would actually prefer first person even on the bike!

I have used the bike for quite a while trying to go everywhere, even to places a bike seemly could not go. Like riding e.g. up and down the stairs in bunkers. Or trying to ride up the stairs of a lighthouse. Had a lot of fun with that. But I’m now past the bike-riding phase, and moved on to the only-running-phase. I now only use the bike like in assignments. If new vehicle’s or vehicle features are added I will give them a try of course.

In first person you can’t see your character do a wheelie with the bike.

Oh yes… It’s just as important as dancing in the frontline :crazy_face:

Or to see how the character is flying away when standing next to explosives…

Hey! This is important! Maybe we could do this in first person too!? :wink: