Feature request for the new N9

(I posted this in off topic but this is probably best here) The N9 Handgun should have a 3 round burst mode. It’s already got the slide of the M93r, why not the burst. The extended mags even add to the look. Give it the grip folded up, extend the barrel a little, fix the hammer so it’s back and if you add an experimental version you could make it like the RoboCop model to go with the 80s aesthetic.image


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Oh my word. The “Auto 9” I think it was called in RoboCop, I seem to remember it turning up in a Jackie Chan film too randomly.

Oh, and the Cobra Assault Canon with the “twist” ammo.

Pretty sure I must have had the novelization, because I don’t think they were named in the film. :-/

I found out about this is my US Weapons video. I do agree, it’s a twist they should have done.

Given that N9 is based off from M9 (aka Beretta 92FS) and since it’s only user is USA, it fits nicely into U.S. weapons DLC while having only semi-auto fire.

Beretta 93R is derived from Beretta 92, hence why it looks similar and has some same components. But Beretta 93R users are Italy, Honduras and Algeria, making it not fitting for the U.S. weapons DLC. Italy weapons DLC? Perhaps.

Well impressed you knew the general history on a rather rare weapon.

But you can’t deny the in game models slide has that 93R triangleish shape. Even If they swapped the slide for the 92FS, they’re already 70% there and could implement the 93R as a part of the DLC. The 93R or Raffica has been made fairly popular from Film and other videogames. Adding a 93R would also give players a faster firing weapon in the pistols category. Plus the 93R’s Auto 9 is iconic with “futuristic” 80’s culture.

I can’t tell much of a difference between N9 and 92FS/93R. All three look similar.

Yes, they could. However, N9 seems to be based off from iconic M9 pistol, and latter, is only semi-automatic.

There are other weapons, in-game, that doesn’t represent the real life counterpart, e.g:

  • KVM 59 (based off Ksp 58) is classified as LMG in-game and is operated just fine by one person. While in reality, Ksp 58 is MMG and operated by two people.
  • AI-76 looks to be based off from AK-47, since it fires 7.62mm in-game. Though, the weapon model looks almost identical to AK-74 and if AI-76 would be based off from that, it would be firing 5.45mm instead (or 5.56mm when in-game).

Perhaps, the experimental version of N9 could have burst fire. :slight_smile:

That, i’ll leave up to devs to decide, what kind of items are iconic for Swedish 80’s culture and what aren’t. I’m not a Swede and i wasn’t around in the 80’s Sweden, to know what was popular/iconic back then in Sweden.

First the US DLC suppose be a military aid to swedish survivor in form of airdrop with NATO country in future maybe other weapons will comes it’s up to dev to decide on that point.

M9 make sense in game the 93R don’t as he never been adopted by US and big spoiler ahead but imo Experimental weapons are the swedish military response to Machine it’s will make little sense that they creating prototype based on foreign weapons in my opinion with that said we can have a Exp M9 featuring burst and automatic fire like G17 and 93R.

I agree with Aesyle for exampl the KVM59 have the front sight and barrel different that her real counterpart based on the FN MAG and the AI-76 is based on the AK-74.

Hope my help on the subject will provide information as military and and firearms are my field of research.