Feature request - Improvement of Base assault/defense regarding the defense and support pack DLC

I know, it’s late, but I got an idea for this update and the two DLCs.
A little improvement, you could say.

With Base Assault update and the base defense pack dlc there came base assaults, new base defense missions (at new locations), new structures to be able to build (soviet) and a new material for them (concrete).

Actually you need concrete for the soviet structures, but you get it just through making base assault missions… Which can just do, if a fnix base spawns.

So you’re not able to build the soviet structures as long as you don’t do or are able to do base assault missions, but maybe you just want to add these structures to your already existing home base.

What if…

  1. You get concrete by doing base defense missions like you get uranium through it.
  2. You’re able to get concrete by doing fmtel assignments (please fix the issues, that it works properly).
  3. You are not able to build all soviet structures right from the beginning!
  4. You need scematics for every single soviet structure type, which you get rewarded by doing base assault mission, like you get exp item scematics by doing base defenses.

By this change you would be able to gather concrete before you become able to build soviet structures. As soon as you get a scematic for a structure you could probably have enough ressources to build as much of them as you need.

Same goes with the items of the base support pack dlc. Maybe you bought just this package and want to build fences in your existing home base. You can’t. You first have to make base assaults for getting concrete right now. My idea would give you more possibilities to get that.

And an additional reason to make base assaults.

Maybe the idea is not perfect at all points, but what do you think of it? Any improvements or other suggestions?