Feature Request: Inventory Item Lock

Suggestion to add the ability to lock specific items within our inventories to prevent recycling. Given that most extra gear gets recycled now for weapon parts, this will prevent people from accidentally recycling stuff they didn’t intend to.


OMG YES I upvote this.

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Honestly I’m surprised this isn’t already a thing, given how much inventory management this game requires. The A button on my controller gives phantom inputs sometimes, and it has caused me to scrap a couple things I didn’t want to lol

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Edit: This *isn’t already a thing.

I have the same problem with my dam mouse it likes do do phantom double left clicks I will be disassembling the dam thing this weekend to fix the issue. Its a actually just a micro switch button board in the mouse that is causing the problem I belive for my case. Logitech G903 they sell the part on amazon so will have some fun with this. :slight_smile:

i upvote this so hard. i play a game with this already and man how it saved important items. or expensive ones. or very rare.

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