Feature Request Inventory Usage

I would like to be able to equip something without hotkeying it. For instance a Boombox, which you typically only plant one of, and then have to re-hotkey the item you normally have. Also i would like to be able to use a medkit (or similar item) directly from a loot inventory.

First, try to see the inventory as something like in a RPG. You have some items/weapons you can easily equip from your backpack, but everything else, you have to put down the backpack and grab the weapon or item out of it.

If you have a slot for a boombox and it is empty… Refill the slot or place something else there. I’m just fine with that.

But on second, soome items may be used more often… Like always. So you have a special slot at your belt or backpack for it, without blocking a slot for something else.
Like you have a “slot” for your flashlights, there could be a special slot for med kits, maybe on a dpad button. As there are different med kits you still have to select, which one to put in there, maybe with a priorization order to fill it up automatically with another type, if your primary type is empty.

I would also love to see the same as we have for the flashlights for the binoculars. You could always carry it around your neck/shoulder, to be able to grab it fast (again dpad button).

And last but not least, the gas masks. I would love to see them changed from being just an apparel to a selectable item with a fixed quick slot, maybe shared button with the binoculars. (i. e. Hold dpad down to select/unselect binoculars or gas masks)

I can see the logic about the RPG backpack, and i’m definitely for a binocular hotbutton,
but what do you think about being able to use a medkit directly from a loot container.
Using the RPG back anolygy, it’s in your immidiate reach, so it should be doable, right?
I still want to able to equip things without hotkeying them though. I dug it up from the backpack and i placed it down, and here’s my trusty Magnus! :sunglasses:

You don’t need to equip most deployable items anymore. Go to your inventory, find the boombox (for example) and press deploy item, rather than assign to a slot, then it will simply place one without you needing to equip it.