Feature request - laying oil tracks


We are currently able to build different types of traps. We can place explosive items to shoot at, mines, batteries for an emp-effect or shock lines by using shock ammo.

As we now have a flamethrower (dlc) it came to my mind, that fire could be another possibility to make traps.

What if we would be able to lay an oil track?

You could ignite it by shooting at it with exp AG4 (or flamethrower), by explosions or by throwing a flare (or shooting flare arrow) at it.

If ignited it could start burning successively from one end of the track to the other and burns for a specific amount of time.

It deals fire damage (even to the players if getting too close) and therefore is able to destroy other explosive items or objects.

Additionally it could jam the machines ir-sensors which makes it harder for them to target players.

I think it could be a great addition even for base defense missions.

And it’s not just a possibility, but also a risky element. Imagine you built a trap with oil tracks but the battle gets out of control. Instead of you “activating” the trap a machine accidently ignites the oil track, the burning track brings a car to explosion which destroyes a large red fuel tank… And you still stand in the middle of this big boom.

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you could just make a chain of explosives

That’s just one great “boom”.
I’d love to see a ring of fire for example.
With successively dealing damage to everything which is close enough.
And don’t forget the mentioned IR-jamming effect.

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I like that idea. My only issue with it is that oil from what I know doesn’t burn from one end to the other, it all just sort of ignites. But besides that I think ot would be cool. If all else fails, they could just make an option when you pick up a gas tank to pour, sort of like what you were saying.