Feature request - list of rivals

Rivals roam all over the map. So it would be good to have a list over them that you can sort by name, type, original region and maybe some other parameters. Like yesterday I had 8 active rivals in South Coast but only 4 in that region and one of the 4 was actually a farmland rival. So 5 had wandered of and I had to check rival by rival in order to find them. I wanted to kill in order to spawn a Reaper and I prefer to take down one that has escaped it’s original region .

It would be nice to be able to quickly get info on all rivals since they after all are an important part of the game today

A list by region or overall?

I’d prefer a list by region.
If you hover over a region and see the infobox, there could be a button you could press to get detailed info about the region.
A short summary of the rivals of this region (with thumbnail to see the type, an info about the level, select them and the map jumps to its position), a summary of control points (who owns which one, level of enemy bases, select them and the map jumps there) and a summary of how many missions, weapons, collectibles, plans, blueprints there are and how many you already found.

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Something like that was what I was thinking.