Feature request: Northern lights

Hi. :blush:

This has been on my mind from time to time:

I would love to be able to see northern lights, auroras, in Generation Zero. The game is already stunningly beautiful as it is, but with the addition of auroras, imagine the nice photo mode shots we would be seeing. Also, how wonderfully atmospheric it would be to trod through the snow at night, with the auroras dancing in the skies above you.

Östertörn may be a little far south for the auroras to be frequent, but making their appearance rare would only enhance their wonder.

What if they had a chance to appear once every 10-15 nights or so?

What do you think? :blush:




I totally concur. Maybe the frequency could be a bit higher in the northern parts :slight_smile:


That would be a beautifull feature to the game. I hope the devs will listen and fullfill this whish


It would certainly add more to nights ingame, and perhaps limit the re-appearance of that strange moon. That and I want to see what Apex Engine can do. I’m all for this suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, @Zesiir
1 - Make the nights a little darker with less weird light pollution.
2 - Give the moon a makeover.
3 - And add auroras.


@NJR87 Btw. the photo what you have posted is fabulously beautifull. I have to look at it again and again. :+1: :smiley:


@helldiver Thanks, but I just found that picture on Google. :wink:

I recommend you follow “Arctic Light Photo” on facebook. A photographer named Ole Salomonsen who specializes in capturing the northern lights. :blush:

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Actually, do any of you play TheHunter: COTW? The nights look much better in that game. And as you probably know, it runs on the same engine. :blush:


That’s a nice idea , could really add to atmosphere :+1:

@MollyBrodie I saw them 3 days ago. Was watching TV, then took a random peek out the window and there they were! It’s a very special sight to see.
That’s what reminded me to make this request. :wink:

This would give a really good reason to spend more time in the north coast region.

That region doesn’t have a lot of big machines, or the smaller ones either, once you complete all the missions. So farming machines to level up the region gets boring very fast since it lacks targets. I resorted to milking my two rival harvesters for the hunters, once they stop producing I leave the region, unless a reaper spawns or I would have a chance to screen shot the Northern Lights!

Besides, I am running out of ways to get in trouble on this forum! :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue: