Feature request - Regional Assignments, NPCs in assignments and bases, and more

I just wrote it in another topic about the emptiness of the world, but thought it’s worth an own suggestion.

Regional assignments

Instead of a FMTEL-Station which offers three missions per day, no matter where you are, there could be different assignments per region or even per location.

To integrate the resistance bases more into the story, to make the world more living, to give the assignments more variety and make them more rewarding I suggest to change the resistance bases command centers.

Imagine, instead of the three buttons for the three difficulties of base defenses, that there is something like the FMTEL-Station which gives you three missions each day… For every location/region with a different pool of missions. You always have one base defense mission of a random difficulty in there + 2 missions for doing something else.
The base defense mission may be locked, like it is currently, if your region score is too low.

You get resistance-points for each mission, but you can do just a limited amount of them in total per day. With that you have more options to get your weekly resistance-points up to tank level, have a greater variety to chose from each day and have the possibility to reach tank level even if you don’t do all missions per week.

Assignments with npc / npc in bases

Some missions may be unique for each base. Missions where you have to gather some special ressources or to rescue/escort some npc, or to clear a certain location of machines.

The rescued or escorted npc could also appear in your base later. There could for example be structures that can randomly or manually be garrisoned by them, like these shooting ranges, the watch towers or something else. These could then offer additional fire power for base defenses or even more…

So, let’s summarize:

Resistance bases offer missions directly from the command center

  • No more FMTEL-Station as buildable object needed.
  • Mission pool different for each region
  • up to 5 missions per day can be done, you’re free to choose (i.e. 2 in farmlands, 2 in forest region and 1 in southcoast)
  • more different missions, with unique missions/mission types per region
  • base defense becomes a part of the daily missions, as long as the region score is high enough
  • difficulty of base defenses is random each day at each base (but shown before starting it)
  • greater chance to get as many resistance points as possible to reach tank level, even if you can’t play each day a week.

Introduction of npc in assignments and bases

  • missions to save, rescue or escort npc
  • these npc, if you’re succesful, could garrison some of the bases structures (of the base you started the mission from) which can be seen as additional reward for doing and finishing missions, as they offer
  • more firepower to your base
  • greater build limits for your base
  • improved healing during base defenses
  • automatic repair during base defenses
  • a bonus for cheaper construction or crafting in that base
  • and what else more…

I think that these whould only appear after you are done with the main story.

Yes, maybe. At least not right from beginning. It’s more a lategame content.

All good ideas. I’m all for this, the more stuff to do around the map, the better. Even if it’s
daily stuff, additions to the FMTEL, Home Base etc.

I think that base defense missions should start automatically. As soon as the message appears on your screen, a timer should start for like 15 or 30 minutes and then the base defense should begin automatically. The player can call it in before that, but this could give players a little more of a rush to the game.

I thought this for a long time, too. Random events, especially for base defenses, are a musthave.

But finally I think it’s not a good idea.
What if you’re in a mission or a base assault and the timer starts? Maybe you can’t abort the mission… Or you risk to leave a lvl 1 base assault to come back later to a rebuilt lvl 3 base. Or what if you’ve just time to play for additional 15 minutes because you have an important date… And suddenly the timer for a base defense starts. Lose a base or miss the important date?

But if you integrate the defenses in the assignment-system there would be at least one reason to do them.