Feature request - Roadmap

I know that the support team and the devs are most likely somewhere under a mountain of bug reports, both sensible and… less so. So I’m not expecting much except for frantic bug-fixes for the next few weeks to come.
A lot of stuff needs to be dealt with right away in order for players to actually be able to even get the full game experience, and that’s perfectly understandable.

But, I’m pretty sure the community would also like to know about the plans for the future, both with regards to feedback on design and features that will be addressed in bigger overhauls, as well as development of new content.

Looking at the game right now, it is what it is. But what kind of experience can we expect to have in June? August? October? Will we get a hardcore difficulty with less ammo and harder enemies? Will there be a Game Reviewer Difficulty where the game holds your hand and gently leads you from one place to the next because understanding stuff is hard? Will mission sequence breaking be addressed so you don’t end up stuck if you accidentally happen to find a clue belonging to a later mission by accident, before completing all parts of the previous mission? Will we get new robot models who suddenly start roaming the map? (Actually, no, don’t tell me about that one. Just slip it in quietly and make me gawk in horror as a robot turns into a 20 meter high platform for searchlights above the treeline, mercilessly lighting me up and guiding all hostile machines onto me…)

But seriously, despite how a community keep shrieking for at least a hundred different things, do let us know what we can expect to see in the future.

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