Feature request - Robot lure

Technically almost the same as the toy lure or toy car lure, I thought of a reuse for some destroyed machines. The Robot lure.

What if we would be able to reactivate a destroyed machine?

We could have a skill or a craftable item for being able to do that.

Once you open the loot container of a machine and you have the crafted item or the skill, you could have an option to use it for reactivating the machine or at least some parts of it.
The machine would then directly go into alarm status and call for reinforcements which directly go to this machine to investigate it. After a preset time or triggered by proximity of the reinforcements an installed bomb detonates.

The reused machine gets destroyed again, but now doesn’t have any loot, so it can’t be reused again.

This idea of course may be changed slightly. It could be restricted to destroyed seekers for example, but that would also restrict it to FNIX machines.

I personally would appreciate the variant to have it as free new skill. This would bring some more variety into the different characters and offers a lure option also for those who didn’t buy one of the tactical equipment packs.

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