Feature Request - Slide Mechanic

I would love to see a slide mechanic if you were running and then proned. You would enter a sort of faster prone that could be used to slide behind tanks and things of the sort.

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Oh yes. And increase the running speed, remove stamina, add climbing mechanics and the ability to take cover. Also add that we can roll after jumping from higher places to reduce fall damage and please let us shoot while sliding.
Don’t forget that slide speed and distance is affected if we slide hills down or up… And if there are obstacles (rocks, branches, fences, …) in our way there should be an animation like if we fall off of a bicycle. Oh and third person every time would be cool.
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In short, it’s not the game for these action moves and some of what I mentioned has already been confirmed that it will never come because the game isn’t made for it from beginning on. So, although these may be cool features in other games, it’s nothing for GZ.

Maybe it could only be used when you can sprint so that you have max speed, then hit prone equals a slide.

That would be useful in so many ways. But instead of prone you use the crouching position. It would just be an animation. The sound of the slide could also cause a machine that “hears” to go into detect mood to add to the effects of the slide. Then the player could go prone to avoid detection or wait out the machine.

On console there is no prone key.
It’s just by pressing and holding crouch.

I think it’s still a bad idea for GZ.
There are too many bumps and obstacles in the world of GZ.

That would cause just more issues and complaints.

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The more I thought about it the less I like it when it comes to my style of being stealthy. Right now I can sprint and instant stop to hide behind a tree, don’t want to slide up to it and over/under shoot the exact spot I need to be to hide. And like I stated, would just be activation of a animation cycle like the N9 swirl or a reload cycle. And I wouldn’t want that to happen at the wrong time in battle.