Feature request: Stackable base items

Hi all!

I suggest trying to get stackable walls and catwalks, as i believe this would add advantages to the base defence missions.

I suggest being able to stack certain walls on top of each other in order to make them taller and beefier, as well as stacking the catwalks(built into a wall), ramps and scaffoldings.

Plundra loot boxes, workbenches and other placeable objects should then be allowed to “stack” on top of structures too, given enough free floor space.

This means we´ll need a floor-tile too, one that snaps to the sides of itself and existing scaffoldings and catwalks, to “snap together” a floor of “any” shape.

We dont need a tower of babylon here, just a single extra buildable level would be awesome(*)! :slight_smile:

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That would be nice indeed.
I’m not sure, but I think I once suggested something similar.

One more level up (stacking) and one down (“trenches”).

For each I see different problems that must be solved, if the engine is capable of doin that.

For stackable structures the upper ones must be destroyed, too, if the lower ones get destroyed.
“Trenches” instead should provide buildspace (for example for pillboxes or traps on a lower level), should be removeable, but indestructable.

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Good input Madchaser, however i do think that the game world is “permanent”, you cannot randomly remove a part of it.

So even if i love the idea of tunnels and trenches, i think it may be tough to achieve from a programmers perspective.

I was thinking that a damaged lower section of the wall would create a hole wide enough to run through, but still carrying the load of the upper wall.
Several damaged lower walls in a row would therefore become a line of pillars, holding up the upper wall sections.

I think most games that face this issue solve it by just float disconnected structures as if they´re still attached (like fallout), and im fine with that here too.

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